Improving Modern Healthcare With Futuristic Technology

The world of medicine is changing every day.  With new advancements in technology the modern hospital is starting to look like the sickbay on Star Trek.  One of the newest pieces of technology in the medical world is the medical lcd monitor.  This monitor is being developed with the help of AMD technology giving radiologists and other doctors a better look into medical scans.

When we go to the doctors we are asked to take off our clothes, put on a paper gown that no one figured out how to close in the back, we sit on a scanning bed and radiation bounces off the inside of our body creating a visual image that doctors can view and come up with a diagnosis.

medical lcd monitor

When reading our scans in the past the doctor would take an x-ray and place it on a light box.  This light box would then illuminate the x-ray allowing doctors to examine the scans.  This was the old way of doing it.  Now, with the invention of the LCD monitor doctors have modern technology at their fingertips.

This monitor will now allow doctors to look at as well as manipulate images in real time.  In today’s modern hospitals images are no longer placed on x-ray screens but rather digitized and stored in a computer.  With traditional computer monitors the images were hard to read and couldn’t be manipulated leaving a lot of further diagnosis on the table.  With this new LCD monitor things have changed.

With the monitor, the images can now be flipped, rotated, inverted, zoomed in on and much, much more.  With these new monitors the doctors can review twenty times the number of images in a day, manipulate those images and really get a good look at what is inside us.  With this advancement modern technology is catching up to the twenty third century every day.