Setting Up And Running A Computer Network

For many people using a single computer is enough for their needs.  However, many people find that having a second computer hooked up to a network will be beneficial.  When we create a network we are connecting two or more computers or devices together.  Through this network we are able to transfer files, share printers and other devices and much more.  Here are a few tips that you can use for a network set-up east amherst ny.

Determine what it is you want to network

When creating a network we are no longer limited to just networking two computers together.  With our modern technology we can network a wide range of devices together for a wide range of purposes.  For example we can network printers, televisions, recording equipment and much more.

How will you connect?

The next big question is how will you connect your network.  The simplest way is to go through the wireless connection in your house.  This can be done through a wireless router. This router is typically supplied by your service provider but you can also purchase a separate router for added security.

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Who will have access?

When creating your network you can determine who has access and what level of access they are granted.  For example you can have a private or open network.  An open network is not protected by a password and is very unsecure.  A private network is protected by a password and other forms of encryption.  The decision you make will determine who can access it.

What will you have on your network?

When creating your network you can have many things on it.  Some popular networks include a video sharing or a video server, a printer network or print server and a web server.