What is Better a Desktop or a Laptop?

Technology is growing with leaps and bounds.  Cell phones, personal digital assistants and even wearable tech are becoming reality.  With all of these options a personal computer is still needed in most cases to do day to day tasks.  However, with tablets and smart devices the question can be asked, “What is better, a desktop or a laptop?”

Today’s technology

The world is filled with technology services hampton township pa that will tell you that you need a desktop because they are more powerful.  You will have others say that getting a laptop is better because they are more portable.  And then you have those that say not to get any of them because smart devices will soon phase them out.  Well, here is our input.

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Desktop are great machines that have a lot of power.  They are stationary machines that allow for expanded functionality.  If a part goes bad it could take a few minutes to open the case and replace it.  The hardware is easily upgradeable allowing you to keep up with the changes in technology more easily.


When looking at laptops we have just as much power that can be found in desktops.  The prices on laptops are going down.  In many cases you can get a laptop for under three hundred dollars.  They are portable and have extended battery life.

Upgrading a laptop is more difficult.  They are built as one use machines meaning upgrading the CPU, Memory and hard drive are difficult tasks.  However, the odds of needing to do this are rare.  Laptops also have, in some cases additional features such as touch screens in some models, higher security options with fingerprint readers and facial recognition software built in.

Final decisions

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your own personal needs.  If you like to sit in your office and work then look into getting a desktop. If you want to sit on the couch or in bed watching TV consider a laptop.